Thing Schema Generator

Generate ready-to-copy JSON-LD markup for Thing schema to improve SEO rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is schema (structured data)?

Schemas are a type of structured data for your pages that helps Google better understand your content. It is a standardized format used to organize and present information about a webpage's content in a way that search engines can easily interpret. By implementing structured data, you provide search engines with essential context and meaning behind your website's content, enabling them to deliver more accurate and relevant search results to users. Ultimately, this can lead to improved visibility and higher click-through rates for your site.

What is Thing schema?

The most generic type of item.

What is JSON-LD?

JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data) is a lightweight data-interchange format recommended by Google for implementing structured data on your website. JSON-LD uses the JSON format to encode the structured data and is embedded into the HTML code using a <script> tag. This means that the structured data is not visible to users who are browsing the website.

How to use the JSON-LD schema markup?

Simply copy the generated JSON-LD code above and paste it anywhere on your web page, before the closing </body> tag.

How to add schema to WordPress?

There are several ways to add the schema JSON-LD into your WordPress website:

If you can edit theme files or are familiar with code editing, open your theme's footer.php file and paste the code above the closing </body> tag.

If you can't edit theme files, or are not familiar with code editing, you can use a plugin that helps you to insert code to the header or footer. We recommend using the Slim SEO plugin to do that as it's lightweight and also helps you do other SEO tasks automatically.

If you want to generate schemas dynamically for your custom post types in WordPress and set rules to display them, we recommend using Slim SEO Schema - a powerful & lightweight WordPress schema plugin.